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Class & Registration

Due to Covid-19, the Sankofa Homeschool Collective is now virtual until further notice.  We have 4 sessions: 10 weeks in the Fall/Spring and 6 weeks in the Summer/Winter.  Classes are held on Thursdays and Fridays.  We invite parents to offer suggestions for classes.  It is our hope that each session new homeschool moms or dads will volunteer to assist in organizing or teaching. In an effort to approach our teaching from an African-centered perspective, we seek out instructors of African descent who are highly qualified and passionate.

We believe in creating a family-like atmosphere and affirming for ourselves and our members the choice to homeschool.  By providing a wonderful combination of social and enriching cooperative courses and a true community of families who want to share the homeschooling journey, Sankofa is a place for growing, learning, and building community.


When our in-person classes resume, the following guidelines apply: We are NOT a drop off program. We do allow mature teens ages 14 and up to attend without parents. However, parents of teens must commit to attending at least 2 sessions of the Sankofa Homeschool Collective.  We are not a school, nor are we a hybrid-school.  We are a homeschool family collective and we encourage the participation and engagement of parents as we grow in community and forge new relationships.  Building an intentional community is in line with the mission of the Sankofa Homeschool Collective.  

The First Step:

Why join Sankofa? Homeschoolers of the African Diaspora need a consistent reference group. Many times our children take classes and meet children, only to never see them again. Often when the season changes, our homeschool activities or schedule may change. Through regular participation with the Sankofa Community, children and homeschooling families can look forward to building relationships with one another, on a consistent basis, no matter their home school path.

Sankofa uses, our community listserv, as our online base of operation.  In most cases, the true power of Sankofa is found in person, in small groups, meeting in each other's homes or sharing resources in a variety of areas.


Take the first step, send an email to or click the link in the red below to join.

Student Teachers

And the young shall lead ...

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